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EXIT 195 on I-44 at Saint James, MO 65559  Go 5.5 miles EAST on Highway 8 to park entrance on left

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WHY We Have Standards . . .

Lots of Pictures Here To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything in the world.

Charles Dudley Warner, American Writer At Pheasant Acres RV Park LLC we would like nothing better than to say there are no standards,  but that might not be wise for YOU, our camper. We want everyone to have a wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful experience while camping at Pheasant Acres RV Park.

STANDARDS and RULES are for the benefit of all of our campers.

  • No person within the grounds shall behave in a threatening manner or display indecent conduct that would jeopardize the safety and health of him or herself or others. Such behavior including the use of abusive or profane language shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises without warning and with no refund.
  • Management retains the  right to refuse service to anyone at any time .
  • P heasant Acres RV Park LLC, its owner and employees assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss/damage from any causes or acts of campers or nature.  
  • All persons using the premises  do so at their own risk.
  • Campers are  responsible for all damages caused by any member of their party, including children, visitors or any animals at their site.
  • RESERVATIONS:   Always accepted.  If you need to cancel, PLEASE let us know.  That's why we write in PENCIL and have a big eraser.
  •  On arrival please sign-in at the office and make payment for your stay. We are flexible on check-in time.   Since the office is at our house, we're on call 24 HOURS... seriously.
  • CAMPSITE:   A campsite is for one RV or Tent, two adults, one vehicle with children 3 years and under are FREE.  Puppies, kitties, birdies are all FREE. We don't even charge for mosquitoes!
  • CHECK OUT TIME:   Unless we have a reservation for the site you are on, you may stay as long as you like on your last day.   The best time at the campground is the 5:30 somewhere' time when it's quiet.
  • SPEED LIMIT:  5 miles per hour . . .for the safety of all. . .animals, children and other campers.  And old geezers like me.
  • QUIET HOURS:  10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  Keep noise to a minimum at your campsite and firepit and be respectful to your neighbors. Music and loud voices are a no-no after 10:00 PM.  Sherry promises to try to be quiet too.
  • ONE WAY DRIVE:   Observe marked one-way signs and exit signs.   So don't make Sherry come chage you down and issue a speeding ticket.
  • CAMPFIRE WOOD:  We deliver wood to your campsite for $4.50 (approx. 15 pieces).  Due to invasion of Emerald Ash Borer, 

         the State of Missouri asks that no wood be brought across state boundaries.   And when we say 10 pieces of wood - we           meant three times what you get at QT for $5.99

  • ICE:   The ice machine is located by the Pavilion and is a bag is $1.50. Keep track of the bags you use during your stay and pay at the office  before you leave.   Coolers + Canned Drinks + Hot Dogs = Much-o Ice-O to keep it all Cool-io.
  • PAVILION:   For the use of our guests. Check with office if you want to reserve it for a special day/time.   Just the place to cook a fat ole juicy burger or play a game of Sorry.
  • GAS GRILL:  For the use of our guests, propane provided .   Please KEEP GRILL CLEAN and TURN OFF PROPANE VALVE after use. Notify the office if the propane tank is empty.  Remember Sherry is always available to join you for dessert. Pie anyone?
  • PICNIC TABLES:   One provided at each campsite.  Do not cook with small grills on the table top unless you protect table from grease.   Please return table to gravel pad before you exit the park. Dead flies stuck in week old hamburger grease spoils one's appetite quickly.  Yuck.  
  • FIRE PIT:   One firepit provided at each camp site (excluding Site #13 and #18, which share with Site #14) Please keep fire contained within the fire pit for safety reasons. Fire Pit  IS NOT FOR BURNING  your trash.   DO NOT MOVE FIRE PIT .   Fires are pretty. Fires are hot. Respect fire.
  • RESTROOM / SHOWER HOUSE: O pen 24 hours a day and are NO SMOKING facilities..  Parents supervise your children when using the facilities.  WASHING OF POTS/PANS/DISHES is not allowed as it is not friendly to the septic system.  The rule is ‘the only thing that can be flushed down is toilet paper besides what Mother Nature requires us to do.’  Sherry has provided some reading material for your pleasure...FREE!
  • PETS and INFO:   We love pets too!   Well-behaved pets are WELCOME ON A LEASH at all times.  The safety of our campers and pets is important to us.  Be kind to your pets and neighbors, and  do not leave pets unattended inside your RV while you are gone  from the campground.   Do not tie pets outside at your campsite unattended  as they have a tendency to BARK excessively and DIG HOLES.  .  Don't make Rover turn you into the ASPCA.
  • POOP DETAIL:  They poop - you scoop. All our guests appreciate this.  Hot weather and poop left about - ewwww! Use a plastic bag to contain poop to deter flies. There are 3 convenient Scoop the Poop Convenience areas located on campground.  Guaranteed someone will find it if left to decompose.
  • FIREWORKS/FIREARMS:   Insurance / fire regulations stipulate that fireworks/firearms are not allowed on the campground.   And because we want our campers to feel safe and be safe. 
  • BIKE RIDING:  Kids and bikes go together.  Bikes and gravel roads go together.  Remind your kids to follow One Way Signs and not to ride between campsites or the grass.   Gravel road - Okay.  Hiking trails - Okay.
  • GENERATORS:  Due to noise, we ask that generators not be used.   Laughter, singing, guitars, Frisbee catching, cicada watching, firefly catching, volleyball playing ... all GOOD NOISE.  Generators ... BAD NOISE.
  • ELECTRICAL CORDS :  Should not be run from one campsite to another.   Really?
  • Please respect your natural surroundings.   It is against the law to removed downed trees from the Conservation Ground for fires.   Do not cut, carve or put nails/hooks into trees.  Critters are a part of outdoor living so respect their environment.   Run through the woods, climb the fallen trees, watch for birds ...but leave Mother Nature's treasures where they fall..  
  • TRASH:   Upon arrival we will provide you trash bags to use while you are camping.  Please put your trash in the dumpster.  Campers are responsible for keeping their site clean during their stay...no littering with cans on the ground or trash bags.  Eau de Trash is not a smell to appreciate.
  • SMOKING:  Please take a sand-filled cigarette pail when you check in.  As much as we love to keep the ground tidy, butts are not on our list of likes.  Hello, just dispose of them in the fire pits.  Really, it works.
  • OUTHOUSE:  .For use from November to April 14.  If you haven't visited it...you'll be impressed with the wall paper, electric chandelier and reading materials.  Occupation time limit: 30 minutes.
  • FIRES:  Fires MUST be contained in provided fire rings; please do not burn FOOD, which brings critters from the woods or CANS which have to be picked out when we clean the ashes out.  The adjoining land is private property, therefore downed wood may not be brought onto campground for fires.  All are welcome to use the large fire pit by the pavilion.    It's a good gathering place for fish tales, just prop your feet up on the stones and get ready to spin a tale about the big one that got away.

In an effort to keep our trees alive, MCD is asking that no wood be brought into Missouri for fires, as the borer       has been already been identified in Illinois and Southern Missouri.  Some bugs are beneficial...but not the ash borer.

  • SEWER CONNECTION:  For the pleasure of all our campers, be sure you have your sewer hose sealed to sewer receptacle with screw-in sewer connector attachments  to prevent spillage and odors.   Need I mention that Eau de Toilet is as bad as Eau de Trash?.
  • CAMP SITE CLEANLINESS:  Leaving your campsite clean for the next camper is the neighborly thing to do. If possible, place your table back onto the gravel pad site when leaving.  Footprints should be the only thing left behind.
  • TREES:  Treat our tree friends kindly by not cutting, damaging or nailing into the trees.   Trees have feelings too.
  • PRIVATE ROAD:   The gravel road that borders our property is privately owned.  We respect our neighbor's privacy, and ask that our campers do the same.  Bike riding in the campground is allowed.  Gary is a great neighbor and we respect his privacy. Listen early in the morning and you'll hear his roosters crowing at the crack of dawn.  Yep!  This is the country. Neighbor Gary is a great guy, and appreciates all respecting his property.
  • WALKING TRAILS and HIKING:   We are adjacent to 2500+ acres of Missouri Conservation Land.  There are several short walking trails and longer hiking trails adjoining our grounds.  Maps available in office.   If fitness is your thing then you'll love getting a little outdoor exercise.
  • OVERFLOW PARKING:  Each campsite has room for one vehicle to park.  Additional vehicles should park at the overflow lots by the barn or by the primitive tent area.  There is a $3 a night charge per additional vehicle.   Parking on the grass is a no-no.
  • SECURITY:  Owner's year-round home is located at the RV park.  Do not hesitate to come to the office for help, no matter what time of day or night.  We LOVE that doorbell, really.  In case of severe weather alert, we will make every attempt to notify campers in advance so precautions may be taken.  Our campers are like our family, and we want to keep every one safe and well.

We administer the RULES TEST promptly at 11:15 PM, after you have had a chance to study these standards.Paper and Pencils provided......... Just kidding, but, seriously...do take a moment to familiarize yourself with these standards as this will make everyone's camping experience the best that it can be at Pheasant Acres RV Park LLC.

Do you know what " Rock Snot " is? DIDYMO or "Rock Snot":   Help reduce the spread of Didymo   information at this Missouri Conservation site.

  • It is an invasive alga 'didymo' and has been found in Arkansas in portions of the White River System  and the North Fork of the White River.  
  • It is critical that its spread be halted.  
  • In the near future all felt sole wading boots will be illegal in the state of Missouri, as it is carried from stream to stream on the felt soles of boots. 
  • It forms large, thick black mats on the bottom of stream which smothers aquatic life vital to the food chain that supports fish.

Call for more information and reservations.  

573-265-5149 Email:  pheasantacresrv@yahoo.com

         Cash, Check or

Sherry Swanson Owner/Host/RV'er/Naturalist Outdoor Enthusiast/Photographer

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