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Memorial Day Critter Sitings

by Sherry Swanson on 05/30/11

Who showed up for Memorial Day at Pheasant Acres RV Park? 

Deer - check.  Slimy salamandars - check. Prairie Lizard - check.  Five-lined skink - check. Bats - check.  Bluebirds - check.  Pileated woodpecker - check. Black snake - check. Garden snake - check. Hummers dive bombing - check. Garden snail - check.  Black speckled snake - check. Goldfinches - check.  Cooing Doves - check. Bluegill - check.  Trout , of course - check. Nuthatches - check. Numerous sparrows - check. Toad - check. And let's not forget the gazillion Cicadas serenading from the surrounding woods - check.  And the ever-friendly chiggers - check.

And, no a citter went unnoticed , as the "Pheasant Acres Junior Crew," Zane, Beck, Piper, Penn, Matthew, Matt, Michael, Nick and Tanner, Holden - were on the trails using their poking, prodding, pushing, pulling, digging, and turning over techniques to spot the woodland critters.  What joy to watch the interaction of our junior campers, see their excitement (and hear it also) when they spied another of Mama Nature's family.

Behold, The golden orb in the sky appeared on Sunday...finally.  Had to give a refresher course to all as to exactly what that orb was...as the sun hadn't been out for a while.  The light rain didn't dampen the cookouts, the campfires or s'mores each night previously, but it was agreed that the warm, sunny weather made for a great final two days of camping.  Happy campers leaving with dry tents and awnings is 'a good thing.'

What we all learned this weekend...the kids didn't miss a pool, or a swing set, a slide, or a television.  The beautiful canopy of shade in the woods with all the paths, critters and new friends is what made Pheasant Acres RV Park a fun and laughter filled weekend for all!  And...that's the truth.

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Memorial Day Critter Sitings

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Place a broken up chocolate bar or pour chocolate syrup into an aluminum foil cup that you can create yourself, and set the cup near your fire to melt the chocolate.

Crush graham crackers and place them on a plate or fill up a plastic bag.

Toast your marshmallows as you usually would.

Dip the toasted marshmallow in the melted chocolate or chocolate syrup and then roll it in the crushed graham crackers.

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