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Busy in Spite of the Weather

by Sherry Swanson on 12/15/10

     Some of you know that I have been on the great mole hunt for a few months.  What a relief when the snow came, as I figured that little old Mole would finally burrow under and give it a rest.  For his tiny size, he sure can do some surface damage to the campground.

     Ha!  Surprise...the weather doesn't seem to affect his subterranian adventures one bit.  But it sure is easy to locate quickly exactly where he's been.  If it weren't so darn cold, I'd park myself outside with some hot chocolate and surprise him when he pops up.  I'm all for giving animals their due space in nature...just not my personal yard.  I mean, he's got 5,000 acres to go play in, why my backyard?

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Place a broken up chocolate bar or pour chocolate syrup into an aluminum foil cup that you can create yourself, and set the cup near your fire to melt the chocolate.

Crush graham crackers and place them on a plate or fill up a plastic bag.

Toast your marshmallows as you usually would.

Dip the toasted marshmallow in the melted chocolate or chocolate syrup and then roll it in the crushed graham crackers.

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